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Stabilize expenses. Increase profits.

We will make sure your business has a financial strategy and plan in place to get you to your goals! We will help you understand your numbers and options available to make timely educated decisions.

Winning Numbers


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Holistic Approach
As an investor, agent, entrepreneur and CFO, I focus on the whole picture of real estate and business finances.

Are you a Seasoned Entrepreneur ready to master the dollar?

Get Clarity and Direction to Maximize EVERY Dollar!

As real estate investors, we often find ourselves investing money in marketing and coaching that only focus on creating more deals. This is where G2 Business Solutions is unique: We help CFO’s and Business Owners ensure their business has a financial management process and strategy in place that makes the most of every dollar.

We Can help YOU unlock the power of your business through time freedom, scalability, and the ability to sell all!



As an owner you need to know your numbers. If your financial reports are too difficult for you to understand we can help.



As a business owner we often need access to capital. The loan process can be daunting; however, we know how to make your company perform to be attractive to lenders.


Cash Out

Whether you plan to sell or not, a company that is sellable can operate with or without the owner and is in good financial health.

Fractional CFO

As a fractional CFO G2 Business Solutions will provide your company financial management expertise for a fraction of the price. As a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) our primary goal is to help your company stabilize expenses and increase profits. We do this by working hand in hand with your financial team of CPA’s and bookkeepers to provide you timely and accurate financial information. Whether it’s financial report interpretation or a seven-point financial strategy, G2 Business Solutions is there.

Elite REI Finance Program

This program is designed for those who have a financial team in place and are looking to develop them further.


✓ 2x a month group coaching call
✓ Access to Elite REI Finance Course
✓ Access to Elite REI Finance Community

Try Our Virtual Course


✓ LIFETIME Access to REI Finance Course
✓ Digital Copies of all Printable/Supporting Content

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An Unparalleled Opportunity:

Looking to learn the skills to develop your financial team? We’ve condensed years of financial tips, skills, and structure into an easy series of 5-10 minute video lessons, for over 10 hours of the best CFO investment strategies and scores of ready-to-personalize materials. This is the perfect solution for self-starters who are ready to dive in on a schedule that works for them!

Revolutionary Ideas

Our creative approach to the financial and real estate investing industry is bar none.

Experience & Expertise

We’ve been involved in thousands of real estate deals and have personal and professional experience in wholesale, fix and flip, commercial real estate, syndication, private equity, creative financing, brokerages, and property management.

360* Approach

We not only help you understand your books, we also assist you in the development of your operations SOP’s based on your financial data.
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✓ CCIM Certified
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✓ PMP Certified

Together, we will create:

✓ Your CFO Dashboard with a snapshot of your company financial health
✓ Your Company Budget, with a set process to adjust as needed in the future
✓ Your Company Department Score cards to drive decisions
✓ Your 7 Point Financial Strategy Plan
✓ Your 10 Point Business Plan
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Our Process for Success

phase 1

Owner's Clarity

We ensure you as a business owner understand exactly what your finances say about your company.

phase 2

Structuring and Optimization

We begin to implement systems to help you streamline operations in your company.

phase 3

Strategic Planning

Now we expand beyond the financial reports and explore other areas of financial risk and opportunities within your company.

phase 4

Maximized Efficiency

This is where we have the systems in place and now monitor and adjust as needed. Stabilized expenses with maximum profits.

Ready to Take Control of Your Finances?

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